Favorite Lost Ladybug Links

Educational Links

New York AG in the Classroom 

NYS Conservationist for Kids

Adventures in Climate Change

Sweepnet Safari  Some excellent material from the University of Minnesota on how to run a “sweepnet safari” as a school or group activity (activity 3 - others look interesting too!).

Entomology projects  The home page for the New York State entomology program has materials for several great entomology projects.

Lighting the Way:  Fireflies  Comprehensive, creative and fun!  In depth study of fireflies you can do on your own or in a group.


Other Citizen Science Projects

Science for Citizens - project finder!

Wasp Watcher

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Firefly Watch

Project BudBurst 

The Great Sunflower Project

The Mushroom Observer

Spider Web Watch

Monarch Watch

BAMONA (Butterflies and Moths of North America)

Adventures in Climate Change (home)

Interviews with Rebecca Rice Smyth

Interactive: Found Ladybug 3-D Globe


Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel interview with John Losey

Discovery Channel Lost Ladybug Puzzles


Fun Places to go:

ARS Science for Kids 


Insect Conservation Biology  In addition to being the course website for Insect Conservation Biology at Cornell the site also contains fact sheets on many rare and endangered species and links to other sources on insect biodiversity and conservation. 

Xerces Society  Interested in joining the effort to save insects and other invertebrates? Please contact (and join!) the Xerces Society. 

Everything Ladybug.com  Find the fantastic video of a ladybug in flight, and much more

Cool Bug Stuff  a place to get free bug information, insect lore, and cool bug stuff including bug catchers, bug houses, magnifying lenses, and ladybug books and habitats

Ladybug Pacman  This game is an ingenious variation on the old favorite “pacman” where you get to be a ladybug and try to consume the aphids you need to survive before other predators consume you! 


Mostly Photos

Lost Ladybugs at Lime Hollow Center for Environment & Culture, Central New York, Winter 2009

Precious Ladies by Julia Varriano