Lesson Plans


Compatible with the National 4-H SET (Science, Engineering, and Technology) initiative, the Lost Ladybug Project is developing two Science Toolkits, one for grades K-2 and the next for grades 3-6.  As specified in the 4-H Science Toolkit format, each unit begins directly with an activity and most discussion comes later.  The two toolkits differ most in their first few units, those that precede going out and searching for ladybugs.  For example, the older children review ladybug anatomy, but don't focus as much time on this, and instead go into greater depth with a unit on food webs and biodiversity.

In both toolkits, ladybug biology, biodiversity, conservation, and sampling are addressed.  Younger students contruct replicas of ladybug life stages out of recycled materials and learn about ladybug diversity playing "ladybug bingo".  Older children play food web and ladybug sampling games.  The core of the Lost Ladybug Project, where we get ready to go out and then actually go outside to search, is the same for both age groups.  The toolkits allow for two collecting trips to two habitats for comparison, and then submission of data on the Lost Ladybug website.

We offer a third set of curriculum ideas, not included in the Toolkits, that can be added or can stand alone. Many of these are just fun!

We hope you will enjoy these drafts and any feedback will be gratefully received!

Happy beetle hunting!

Lost Ladybug Toolkit for Grades K - 2, in 4H Science Toolkit format!

Lost Ladybug Toolkit for Grades 3 - 6 , in  4H Science Toolkit format!

How the LLP 4H Science Toolkits meet NYS Learning Standards!

Lost Ladybug Collection (partial so far!)


For more about 4-H SET visit http://www.colorado4h.org/msc/4h_set.shtml