C9 Identification


Coccinella novemnotata larvae are called - technically - "campodeiform" (looking like little alligators!!!).  They are active predators with big apetites.  They can be recognized by the location of the orange markings on the 3rd and 6th segments and by their grey tint as they grow.  Very young tiny larvae still look quite black.

Adult Coccinella novemnotata are medium sized, 4.7 - 7mm long.  Like one other North American native, Coccinella trifasciata, the white coloration on the pronotum of C. novemnotata is not just patches on the outer edges of the pronotum but includes a thin band right across the front of the pronotum, connecting the outer white patches.  There is also a distinctive black line down the middle of the C. novemnotata abdomen.  This comes from black margins on the outer wings where they meet.  Coccinella novemnotata is named for having 9 spots and this is mostly true.  But this feature is not consistent.  Some have few or no spots at all.

4th instar C9

Larval Coccinella novemnotata

Adult C9

Adult Coccinella novemnotata