Ninespotted Ladybug Restoration


Help Save the New York State Insect from Extinction!

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For the past 8 years, the Lost Ladybug Project has been gathering citizen science data to study recent shifts in ladybug populations throughout North America. With the help of thousands of participants we were able to find a few viable populations of ladybugs that are now extremely rare but were once common and important beneficial insects in agricultural landscapes. In the meantime, we've also developed an efficient and healthy [but expensive] way to raise at least one of these species (Coccinella novemnotata – the ninespotted ladybug) and we believe the time is right to reintroduce them into the wild.

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C. novemnotata larva (NOT)

C. novemnotata larva

Coccinella novemnotata adult

Former C9 range

LLP C9 sightings

LLP C9 sightings

C. novemnotata adult


Keep this native species from extinction while it gobbles your garden pests!!

We deliver hardy 2nd instar larvae. Because C. novemnotata was formerly found in a wide variety of habitats across North America, we expect these larvae to adapt to many environments. Insecticides and mown grass are not healthy for them. Plant diversity and soft-bodied prey are great!

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