Lost Ladybug Project App

Lost Ladybug Project newly updated App coming soon!!! 

(Sadly, the old App is not working at all right now.)

 We hope this tool will help make participation even easier.

About the App

(1) "Find 'em & Photograph 'em"

Start by identifying yourself using the 'My Info' button so you are credited for the ladybugs you spot.

Then use your iPhone or Android smartphone to photograph ladybugs, and record the location and habitat in which they are found.

(2) Send 'em

Once you’ve collected all the information about the ladybug, use the “Send” button to send your photographed ladybugs to the Lost Ladybug Project website to help us identify their species and track their populations.


send bug


(3) Review your bugsApp record screens

Keep a record of your spotted ladybugs right on your phone. Use the 'My Bugs' button to see the list of your bugs. Tap any bug for more detail.

You can also visit the Lost Ladybug website to review your submissions - http://www.lostladybug.org/contributors.php





How to Get the App

The app is free and available on both the Google Play Android App store and on the Apple App store.

Apple App Store:        App Store

Google Play:               Google Play


And of course we welcome your feedback, questions, and please let us know how we can improve the app for you. Send us email at: ladybug@cornell.edu



Why do I have to identify myself?

Identifying yourself on the app allows you to get credit for spotting the ladybug and allows us to send you a confirmation email thanking you. Your email address does not appear on the web site unless you specifically request it.

Where is the “Send” button on the ladybug capture screens?

The “Send” button appears once you have captured all the required information about the ladybug. Checkmarks on each of the information tabs show you what has been captured and what information is still missing. Once all the information has been supplied you will see a red “Send” button on the right-hand side of the titlebar.

Can I send you a ladybug I captured with my smartphone, but not with the app?

No. Not at this time. The ladybug must be captured with the app because it also records the time and date of the capture and the GPS location.

What happens to my submissions once I’ve sent them?

Your submissions appear on the Lost Ladybug web site with all the other ladybugs that have been captured by the ladybug spotters. You can view your submissions and along with everyone else’s at the Lost Ladybug site: http://www.lostladybug.org.

I can’t find the “Back” button.

If you are on an Android phone then your phone has a built in back button. If you are on an iPhone then you will see a “Back” button in the title bar on screens that require them.